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UniVersus Attack on Titan - Battle for Humanity Clash Deck

UniVersus Attack on Titan - Battle for Humanity Clash Deck

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* pre-order 8/16/2024*

Expose new players to UniVersus through this pair of great introductory decks featuring Mikasa and Levi! These clash decks not only represent a great step into UniVersus for a new player just after they complete a demo, but the characters in these decks are also unique to this product.  

â- Each display box contains 8 decks: 4 featuring Levi and 4 featuring Mikasa
â- Each deck contains 61 cards (60 cards + 1 character card) focused on that character’s particular strengths
â- Decks also contain a learn to play guide and a paper playmat
â- Built with the new players in mind, these decks feature cards that will help new players get to the fun faster
â- Attack on Titan: Battle for Humanity is designed to be friendly to new players while not losing the depth of play established players love
â- Featuring two fan favorite characters
â- Non-character cards in these decks are found in Attack on Titan: Battle for Humanity, providing a good starting point for a new player to build their collection

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